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This Easy Trail Is a 1 Km Loop With Dozens of Masks Staring At You

spirit trail harrison

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Wander through Harrison’s Spirit Trail to marvel at the dozens of beautifully hand-crafted clay and wooden masks along the way.

What makes the one kilometre loop so unique is the artwork attached to the trees, which was done by a local resident named Ernie Eaves.

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Eaves is a retired high school teacher, who taught Woodshop and Theatre. He discovered his passion for the ceramic arts and created all the beautiful masks seen in the forest today.


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It all began about eight-years-ago when Eaves went for a walk through the woods with his dog and found it to be an abandoned trail.

He made a few masks and placed them on the trees, thinking it may spark a laugh from someone walking through.

But a few soon turned into a dozen, which then turned into over thirty. It has been known as the Spirit Trail ever since.

The masks all seem to have a different aura about them and give the trail a spiritual feel—hence its name.


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Once the trail comes to a head, there’s a cluster of masks all in one circle. It’s as if they are staring at you from every direction. It’s almost eerie and haunting, yet enchanting at the same time.

It’s a brief 30-minute stroll through the lush and scenic cedar forest. The trailhead is located close to the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, which makes it the perfect spot to quickly escape into nature.

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