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Getting Acquainted With A Local Designer; Sarah Shabacon

Getting Acquainted With A Local Designer; Sarah Shabacon

Meet Sarah Shabacon, 22, owner, creator and designer of IWEARTHEHEADRESS. All over Vancouver, fashionistas are running around town, with their headpieces in tow. This brand is growing immensily, not only throughout the lower mainland, but internationally as well.

Originally from Maple Ridge, Shabacon is keen to keep her products Vancouver based, trying not to import her fabrics. In the past year she has made the move from etsy, to her own site at Big Cartel. By doing this, Shabacon was determined to stand out from the rest. Her headpieces let her customers do the same.

Getting Acquainted With A Local Designer; Sarah Shabacon

How did you start your company?

IWEARTHEHEADRESS wasn’t a planned business venture, I had made a single turban for myself out of an old tee and was receiving requests from girls who had seen me wearing it to make them one. I decided to make an Instagram account, photographed a friend of mine in a few different styles and the orders just started pouring in. I’ve been in business for a little over a year now.


You recently got married and have a 1 year old, how are you managing to juggle being a mother, wife and designer?

I won’t complain because I get to work from home in my own studio and spend every day with my son and husband, but it’s definitely not an easy task! I’m always working -whether it’s replying to emails, packaging orders or sewing while my son sits in a chair beside me. I get what I need to get done without too much trouble so my system seems to be working!


Baby number two is on the way, congratulations, what does this mean for your company?

Thank you! I’m due in early February so I plan on riding out the Holiday craziness and having a Boxing Day sale to clear out my stock and then will be taking time off until I launch the Summer 2015 Collection in May.


What else do you see for the future of your IWEARTHEHEADRESS?

Things will be slowing down once the new baby arrives but IWTHD is something I plan on nurturing like my children. I have no reason to quit and so many reasons to keep growing my company so my goal is to keep business steady and continue selling to my current stockists while gaining new ones around the world as well.


What kind of fabrics do you look for for your products?

The thing that sets IWTHD apart from other companies is the fabrics I use. I pride myself on using fabrics that are luxurious and when a customer wears one of my pieces I want them to feel special. I use cashmere, bamboo knit, velvet, and also handmade textiles from around the world. I look for fabric that I think is beautiful and ornate, and then turn it into a classic headpiece.

Getting Acquainted With A Local Designer; Sarah Shabacon

You have recently done many collaborations with other designers and artists, can you tell me about them?

This past summer I did two fun collaborations with my favourite artists – Luis Lopa and Lady Noël. They each painted an exclusive design for IWTHD and then I had it printed onto organic cotton and silk chiffon fabric. The Turbans and Headwraps were limited edition pieces in the Summer Collection.


Your fall products are named after cities that inspired them, how did these cities become inspirations?

I love to travel and have always been inspired by the style and textiles I saw throughout Europe and Africa -so after I named my diamond print Turban “Moscow” I realized that each piece in the collection was reminiscent of a different city and thus, my research and the naming process began!

Getting Acquainted With A Local Designer; Sarah Shabacon


Your company has expanded immensely within the past year, where can we find your products?

You can purchase my pieces throughout North America & Europe at Hunnis Boutique, Art Knapp (Surrey location) , Daysen Winter,  Privilege Clothing, RIA Boutique, Sport n Chic Shop, Vanity Hair and a few new shops once we close the deals!


Did these companies approach you and if so how did these companies hear about your product?

I was approached by my first stockist, Hunnis Urban Boutique in Langley, after they had a customer come in wearing one of my turbans and she referred them my way. All other stockists have come across IWEARTHEHEADRESS through word of mouth or my social media feed.


You have so much instagram love for bloggers and other designers. Do you think this is important for growing designers and businesses?

I think when you’re confident and secure in what you do, self promoting is easy, and so is promoting other creative types whether they’re emerging fashion bloggers or designers just starting up in California. I’ve reached over 16,000 followers on Instagram and it is my biggest source of business promotion. It was loyal customers, bloggers and other companies who helped me develop my brand into what it is now and I want them to know how appreciated they are.


Where do you pull your fashion inspirations from?

My personal wardrobe is very neutral because I’m more focused on textiles and and the design of pieces. I find inspiration in surprising places, the inspiration for the Yala Headwrap this season was derived from a photograph of pillows I came across on Pinterest made of the same Thai fabric. My good friend Alanna of Xander Vintage is a crazy cool Vancouver fashion blogger who inspires me with every look she puts together and when she is wearing IWTHD, it’s a match made in heaven.


Where do you like to go to eat when you are in Vancouver?

My husband and I love going to Havana on commercial drive and when were in the city we almost always stop by El Furniture Warehouse – insanely reasonable prices for delicious meals!


Where is your go to hang out in the city?

We like to spend a lot of time outdoors so the sea wall is our go to spot to hit up!



If you are looking to make a statement while you are walking around Vancouver, or wish to just have something for a bad hair day, check out IWEARTHEHEADRESS online. You can also follow her on Instagram or Facebook to get great style inspirations.


Interview by Megan Renaud
All photos by Sarah Shabacon


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