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Get Acquainted With A Makeup Artist; Felisia Michelle

Felisia Michelle

Felisia Michelle took the joy she got out of doing makeup for friends and pursued it professionally. After going to school to learn makeup artistry she freelanced as a makeup artist before landing a job with MAC. This work as a MAC artist complements years of local import and glamour modeling and even some work as an extra in the BC film industry.

Now seasoned with an array of experience, Felisia is further pursuing her goal to help make people feel beautiful by sharing makeup tips and tutorials on YouTube.


What is makeup artistry?

Glitz, Glam, Gore… Makeup artistry is where you express yourself from the inside on each individual who then becomes your muse, and canvas. I put my everything into all my appointments whether it’s a 20 minute demo on counter, a full appointment or a freelance.


How did you know you wanted to be a makeup artist?

You know how in elementary school, I think when you’re in grade 5 they take you to a career fair? I knew as soon as I saw John Casablancas’ booth at the career fair, I got this weird burning in my chest of excitement… from then on I just knew I wanted to be a makeup artist. There’s nothing in this world that I love more than making people feel beautiful inside out..


Where did you go to school for makeup artistry?

John Casablanca Institute, I took the full course… including Special FX


What is the greatest thing you took away from the program besides technical skills?

Honestly I’d have to say probably working with all different types of people. Working on different individuals, not only with different skin types and skin tone but just different personalities. People from all different places and upbringings. I built some incredible bonds with those girls and I’ll never forget them.


Felisia Michelle

How rewarding is your work as a MAC artist?

I have to say. I’ve only ever wanted to work at mac because I remember my first experience with the company was so memorable and inspiring.. the fact I can actually make someone feel accepted, welcomed and beautiful honestly is the most rewarding thing.. I have so many different incidents where people just thanked me for my service.


What made you gravitate towards modeling in Vancouver?

I honestly don’t know and it’s not something I’m really into anymore. I think I just was in love with the whole idea of Tyra banks when I was younger and she made me want to run way model but the fashion industry in Vancouver is kind of b.s honestly. They told me I was too short and then they said my tattoos weren’t something they wanted. So I turned to import modelling as an outlet for my loss I guess. It didn’t really fulfill me though.

Do you still model?

Nope, my last couple shoots were kind of more artistic I would say? Just more edgy that’s the type of style I go for. If I were to ever model again I’d probably only do something big for some big time designer or something. (haha)


Favourite Vancouver photographers? 

Kris Por & Alex Barredo.. Their style of photography is what I’m most into.. and have you seen the girls they work with? They are all the best of the best in Vancouver.


Favourite tattoo of yours and why?

The one on my leg. It represents my growth, my attitude and just me in general. It reads “to thine own self be true” which means be true to yourself. Don’t ever let anyone tell you who you are or how to be. Be you and do you. F*ck everyone else and what they think or what they’re doing.


Advice for a young aspiring model or makeup artist?

Do it for the right reasons. Don’t ever sell yourself short. Don’t do anything for free; remember you have something people and people are willing to pay for something they really need/want. And just because you fail a couple times keep trying… and don’t let anyone tell you that you suck. Cause you don’t.


Photo credit: @ilovefe
Interview by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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