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George Vancouver Statue Defaced Amid Take Down Of U.S. Statues

George Vancouver

Photo: Daniel Gomez / Flickr

City officials found the George Vancouver statue defaced Thursday, amid the take down of several contentious statues in the U.S. 

Police are investigating the incident, after finding the City Hall statue splattered in blue and grey paint, along with an oily substance.

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A graffiti removal team arrived at 8:30 am, Thursday, and was able to remove most of the paint. 


The statue is on the city’s heritage inventory list as, “a proud homage of a great explorer.”

However, this vandalism coincides with several U.S. statues coming down, as protesters say the historical figures celebrate colonialism and racism.

“It does strike me that it’s part of a broader conversation that’s taking place around us right now,” said Coun. Lisa Dominato to News 1130. “As we’re having a conversation about Black Lives Matter, the African-Canadian community in Vancouver, we have a diverse, rich tapestry as a city and we need to do better of reflecting that in historical markers in our city.”

Vancouver residents have held two protests recently in solidarity with other Black Lives Matter movements.

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