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This Is How Much Gas Prices Have Risen In Vancouver Since 1995

gas prices in vancouver

Photo: Vancouver Archives

Gas prices are always on the minds of commuters in and around Vancouver as they continue to fluctuate. But it’s no secret it has gone up significantly over the years.

Stats Canada has some figures showing just how much it’s gone up, and the numbers just may surprise you.

The average cost of gas per litre in 1995 was $.58 cents, but could be found as low as $.45 cents. It took a dip in 1998 to $.50.6 cents before climbing back up to $.69 cents in 2000 and then even more in 2008 to $1.21.3.


Fast forward to 2018 and it’s been getting out of control. We did have a very short-lived drop in prices, which went as low as around $1.22.9. But we saw the cost at the pumps increase by more than 20 cents this past weekend—at around $1.48.1.

GasBuddy.com’s Dan McTeague predicted the spike, but says such a steep amount within 48-hours is unlike anything he’s seen before.

Even over the last ten years it has changed so much.

Gas Prices In Vancouver Last Decade

gas prices in vancouver
Photo: GasBuddy.com

The following table below highlights Vancouver gas prices between 1995-2009 in cents per litre. The biggest spike was in 2000, when gas prices shot up nearly $.15 cents. After remaining steady for a few years, they spiked by nearly $.10 cents in 2004.

Vancouver gas prices from 1995-2009:

58.4 59.2 58.8 50.6 54.3 69.1 68.9 70.4 76.8 86.0 97.1 103.8 108.1 121.3 104.0

Earlier last October, Vancouver gas prices shattered North American records by reaching $1.61.9 at the pump.

It’s predicted the prices will drop down to around $131.1 over the holidays.

Fast forward again to April 2019, Vancouver is expecting to see the highest prices for gas yet again at 164.9 cents a litre.


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