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Flying Ants Have Taken Over Metro Vancouver And It’s Terrifying

flying ants

With the return of sunny weather, it also unfortunately marks the return of summer pests.

This winged pest’s annual return is usually marked with a buzz as they overtake the local skies.

Many have dreaded the return of Flying Ants Day (season) in Metro Vancouver, but it finally started in early July and many local residents took to social media to share their encounters with the unsightly swarms.

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They describe how the insects were coming out in mammoth mobs, and absolutely terrorizing unsuspecting pedestrians. Not only did the bugs overtake the sky, but people describe how they flew into people’s faces, hair, and pretty much everywhere else.

Flying Ants Day

It may not be have been a day of celebration, but it certainly made its mark on social media. The pesky critters were captured in photos, and people from all walks of life shared their stories.


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