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Get Acquainted With Fiona Vroom From The New ‘Power Rangers’ Movie

Fiona Vroom

Photo: CBR Photography

Fiona Vroom has played a range of roles in series like AMC’s western Hell on Wheels in Alberta and A&E’s psycho drama Bates Motel right here in Metro Vancouver. She also appears in some big sci-fi action films like Star Trek Beyond as a green skinned Orion girl and the highly anticipated Power Rangers – both filmed in Vancouver.

If you ask the red haired yogi and Vancouver actress what she learned the most from studying performing arts you would get three words: Collaboration, Self and Play. The notions are exemplified by her Vancouver web series production The True Heroines which won Best Web Series at the 2014 Leo Awards and garnered her a Best Actress (web series) nomination.

Her role in Power Rangers has been kept tightly under wraps but is said to have a profound impact on the plot and characters. The long-awaited Power Rangers reboot movie hits theatres March 24, 2017.

Fiona Vroom
Photo: CBR Photography

What got you into acting?

I started dancing when I was 5. Being on stage and being able to express myself through movement fed my curiosity of storytelling. I was obsessed with everything musical theatre. I remember seeing the show ‘Rent’ when I was 13 and feeling such a strong desire to do ‘that’. That show moved me. The performances were so powerful. That show changed me and from that moment on, I focused on doing ‘that’. I studied singing, I studied theatre, I studied acting and dancing. I was part of every community theatre show that was out there. And I was determined to perform and move audiences the same way. And through that, I found the camera. And became curious about how it worked. And I’m still exploring that crazy world. 

What’s it like to work on so many local productions?

The greatest thing about the film industry in Vancouver is that it’s small. From working in the industry for almost 10 years now, when I walk onto a set, or into a make-up trailer or audition room, I’m guaranteed to see a familiar face. And that makes it so much easier. I still see the same crew members that I worked with on The X-Files, when I go to work on Dirk Gently, or Bates Motel. And I’m grateful that I have a great relationship with so many of them. It makes working in Vancouver so awesome. 

Is there any difference in filming a streaming series like Altered Carbon for Netflix and a series for television?

With Netflix, because there really isn’t a set schedule of when their seasons release, it’s more flexible. Network television is on a timely schedule. So you’re working a lot faster, and you have less time because the turnaround is so quick.  

Do you have a favourite role?

In 2011, I created a web series called, The True Heroines. The show follows the lives of three 1950’s housewives with super hero powers who are trying to fit into the conventional ‘mans’ world, but at the same time dealing with being ‘outsiders’ because of the secret they share. My character’s name is Pearl. My super power is invisibility. It was so much fun playing a woman of that era, who actually gets to kick some ass and be a hero. The show was so fun to create. Playing strong women is something I’m really proud of, and always look for when choosing projects. My character ‘Wilson’ in Dirk Gently, is also a favourite. She’s the head of the CIA. She’s super smart and bad ass, and I’m extremely proud and honoured to play her. 

Can you tell us anything about your character in the new Power Rangers movie?

I can’t say much, but I will say I had an amazing experience working with Elizabeth Banks and Brian Cranston. 

Advice for aspiring actors?

Be yourself. Be kind. Everyone is replaceable in this industry, so be grateful. There is no room for jerks. 



Interview by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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