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Welcome To: The Emerald Supper Club, A 3,000 Sq-Ft Lounge With 3 Bars

Emerald Supper Club - The Lounge

Photo: The Emerald Supper Club

If you can’t go bar-hopping in Las Vegas, visiting the Old-Vegas style Emerald Supper Club in Vancouver and its multiple distinct bars may be the next best thing.

Located in Chinatown about a 5-minute walk from the Fortune Sound Club, the Emerald features not one, not two, but three distinct bars for you explore. (There’s technically four spaces.)

The Dining Room

Emerald Supper Club - The Dining Room
Photo: The Emerald Supper Club

First up is The Dining Room, a moody and cozy space that’s also one of the larger of the spaces. It sits about 70 people, and with the space being adaptable (there are stages and projectors available), it’s great for hosting events and parties.

For food, there’s platters and canapes, buffet-style dining, as well as à la carte.

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The Lounge

The Lounge - Bar
Photo: @emeraldsupperclub / Instagram

As the name implies, The Lounge is made for lounging, with its low couch seating and cocktail bar. It sits about 30 people, and is great for mingling and socializing. (It also looks very similar to Hello Goodbye, an underground “drinking den” in Vancouver.)

The Lounge can also be booked in conjunction with The Dining Room, for those looking to go big.


The Cabaret Room

Emerald Supper Club - The Cabaret
Photo: The Emerald Supper Club

The Cabaret Room, similar to The Dining Room, is also great for hosting events. The space is equipped with a projector, stage, and soundproof walls, which makes it great for hosting anything from wedding receptions and karaoke to burlesque and concerts.

Like The Dining Room and The Lounge, The Cabaret Room also features an in-room bar, with a variety of drinks to choose from.

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The Main Stage

Emerald Supper Club - The Main Stage
Photo: The Emerald Supper Club

The Main Stage is the least bar-like of the Emerald Supper Club’s four spaces, but it’s definitely unique in its own right. The name is not metaphorical, but literal, as it’s a smaller size private room designed and decorated like a theatre stage. It can sit about 15 people, with much of the room rearrange-able, as well as a drop-down semi-sheer curtains for added privacy.

The Emerald Supper Club

Drinks include cocktails like the Nightsky Fizz, Twinkly Eyed, Cubano Storm, Between The Sheets, and Penicillin. Furthermore, cocktails are 50% of every single Tuesday. (Happy Hour also runs from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Tuesdays.)

Appetizers and snacks include waffle fries, dumplings, peking duck waffle fry poutine, various salads, and even noodles and Vietnamese sandwiches.

The Emerald Supper Club, located at 555 Gore Avenue, is owned by Rachel Zottenberg and David Duprey, who are also behind The Rumpus Room, as well as Key Party, a 70’s-vibe bar hidden behind a fake accounting office.

For more great bars in Vancouver, check out The Den, Open Outcry, and The Cascade Room.


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