With Retro Arcade Games Galore, The Den Is The Ultimate Vancouver Hangout Spot

The Den Arcade & Drinkery Vancouver

The best way to describe The Den Arcade & Drinkery in Vancouver is that it’s like a fully decked out basement hangout.

“We literally wanted it to look like the den in your parents basement growing up”, they say.

Hence, the retro arcade games, the jukebox, the beer, and the food.

The Den Arcade & Drinkery Vancouver

Photo: The Den Arcade & Drinkery

With it being a “drinkery”, it has a wide selection of options. They have Jägermeisters, Fireballs, and Bourbon. Cocktails include game-inspired creations like the Golden Eye, Bowser’s Castle, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Legend of Zelda.

They take pride in their “warm hospitality”, so to make up for the fact that they don’t have food options, you’re welcome to bring in outside food.

“You can order in a pizza, grab Hon’s or Stepho’s from across the street…Hell, bring in your own home cooking. We don’t care…Just buy our beer while you enjoy your grub”, they say.

With this being a place for fun, there is, of course, Happy Hour, which runs daily from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

The Den Arcade & Drinkery Vancouver

Photo: The Den Arcade & Drinkery

Then there’s the other half of the experience: the arcade, which features the likes of Buck Hunter, Golden Tee, Pacman, Pinball, and Skee Ball.

If it feels like a trip back to the 80s, that’s what they were going for. (The Run-DMC tunes help with that, too.)

If The Den Arcade & Drinkery in Vancouver sounds like your kind of place, you might want to check out the life-size Pacman escape maze coming to Vancouver, as well as the well-hidden Key Party Bar.

The Den Arcade & Drinkery

Location: 1348 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC (at the bottom of the Barclay Hotel)

Hours: 4:00 pm – Late

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