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Driver Fined Over $2,000, Gets Car Impounded For Drunk Driving and Speeding

drunk driver in richmond

Photo: @RichmondRCMP / Twitter

On Thursday, RCMP reported that they pulled over a drunk driver in Richmond.

According to a tweet, an officer intercepted a BMW on Sidaway Road that was driving at over twice the posted limit.


The driver was “issued Excessive Speed violation + 30 day veh impoundment + 90 day Immediate Roadside Prohibition for alcohol” reads the tweet.

“We shudder as to what might have been” continues the tweet.

Back in December, Canada’s stricter drunk driving laws come into effect. The new rules increased penalties for drunk driving and allow police to enforce mandatory breathalyzer tests.

Under the new rules, maximum penalties for many alcohol-impaired driving offences are being increased to 10 years. The prior maximum was 5 years. Likewise, any driver caught driving under the influence would face a mandatory minimum fine of $2,000.

In BC, the fine for excessive speeding ranges from $368 to $483.


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