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Mandatory Breathalyzer Tests With Staggering Penalties Launch Across Canada

Stricter Drunk Driving Laws

As of today, Canada’s stricter drunk driving laws are now in effect.

The new rules increase penalties for drunk driving and will allow police to enforce mandatory breathalyzer tests.

Under the new rules, maximum penalties for many alcohol-impaired driving offences are being increased to 10 years. The prior maximum was 5 years. Likewise, any driver caught driving under the influence would face a mandatory minimum fine of $2,000.


Canada’s new impaired driving rules now allows police officers to ask anyone driving to take a breathalyzer. This can be asked of anyone who has been lawfully pulled over, at any time, for any reason.

Canada’s prior impaired driving rules only allowed police officers to ask for a breathalyzer test if the individual was acting in a way to make them believe they were intoxicated.

Federal Bill C-46, which passed in June, increases minimum jail sentences and fines that can be handed out.


Support For Stricter Drunk Driving Laws

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) applauded this announcement and believe it’ll curb impaired driving.

“Mandatory alcohol screening is widely recognized as one of the most effective anti-impaired driving measures available. More than four decades of international research illustrate the benefits of mandatory alcohol screening. It has been adopted in New Zealand, Australia and most European countries, and has helped to reduce overall road crashes and fatalities” reads a statement on their website.

“This measure will save hundreds of lives and prevent thousands of injuries every year in Canada”.

If anyone refuses to take a breathalyzer test, they could be charged with a criminal offence and will have to pay a mandatory minimum $2,000 fine.


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