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Disney+ Hacked, Less Than A Week After Launch : What You Need To Know


Disney+ has been hacked.

The hack was uncovered this weekend after ZDNet reported that thousands of Disney+ accounts were up for sale on hacker forums.

“Many users reported that hackers were accessing their accounts, logging them out of all devices, and then changing the account’s email and password, effectively taking over the account and locking the previous owner out”, ZDNet reported.

Disney+ launched simultaneously in the U.S. and Canada last Tuesday, November 12th, which means it was hacked within a week of its launch.

While the Netflix competitor reportedly surpassed 10 million subscribers on launch day, it was also marred with technical difficulties, including a Day 1 outage.

Many were skeptical of Disney’s foray into direct-to-consumer content distribution when Disney+ was first announced, noting that Disney had no prior experience since all of its content had historically been distributed by third parties, such as theatres and video stores.

Disney dispelled those concerns a bit with their acquisition of BAMTech, a company that specialized in direct-to-consumer streaming technology, which Disney re-purposed for Disney+.

This hack, and the Day 1 technical difficulties, show that Disney still has a way to go on the technology side.

Because Disney+ currently lacks multi-factor account authentication, experts are advising that Disney+ subscribers change their passwords immediately, and opt for more complex passwords.

Earlier in November, Apple launched a streaming service of their own, Apple TV+. While Apple devices are not immune to hacks, Apple TV+ has not suffered any technical difficulties or hacks. That being said, it has also not had the early success that Disney+ has had.

The Streaming Wars continue.

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