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Delta Is The Biggest Producer Of Garbage In Metro Vancouver

Photo: City of Delta - Local Government / Facebook

Being the biggest producer of garbage is probably not the best title to have.

A new report by Vancity highlights that Delta is the biggest producer of garbage in Metro Vancouver.

Titled State of Waste: How B.C. compares in the war on trash, the report also found that “B.C. produces less solid waste per capita and diverts more materials to recycling and compost facilities than ever other Canadian province, after Nova Scotia”.

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In Metro Vancouver, “approximately 1,400 kilograms of total waste per person – the equivalent weight of a mid-sized automobile – is generated in one year” continues the report.

Delta produced 465 kg of garbage per single family residence. Vancouver produced the second most with 426 kg and the City of Langley came in third with 386 kg.

So what makes up all this garbage?

Spoiled and uneaten food represents about 25% of all residential garbage in B.C., which is more than any other type of waste. Furthermore, “in Metro Vancouver, 20,000 tonnes of clothes are disposed of annually”.


Action needs to be taken

This report is a stark reminder that the war on waste is far from over.

Here in British Columbia, “more than 2.6 million tonnes of garbage went into landfills in 2016. That’s 549 kilograms for every person in the province”.

Simply put, this is unsustainable.

Achieving zero waste may not be possible, but it’s a goal that everyone across the country should aim for.

This can be seen by the initiative launched by Metro Vancouver; they launched a Zero Waste Challenge – “with an initial 70% waste diversion rate target”.

As time has gone by, more and more businesses have also adopted zero waste challenges. It’s also a great sign to see many individuals tackling the issue aggressively.


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