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Ex-Addict With 235 RCMP Encounters Strives To Become An Inspiration

Prince George Daniel Roy Salvation Army

Photo: Miguel Henriques

Daniel Roy, of Prince George, once racked up 235 encounters with the RCMP in a single year.

You may think that a person like that wouldn’t, and maybe even couldn’t, change, but Mr. Roy would like to prove you wrong.

Now 43, Daniel Roy was one of the most prolific offenders in Prince George when he was hooked on heroin and meth.

The keyword here is was.

Now, Daniel Roy wants to turn himself into an example to show that change is possible.

At a 4.5 hour-long special council meeting on social problems in the city this week, a Captain from the Salvation Army told the story of a man named Bob, who he had caught stealing.

Instead of pressing charges, however, the Salvation Army talked to Bob. They got to know him, his background, and eventually helped guide him onto a path towards sobriety and employment. (This kind of “decriminalization” approach is one that remains under-utilized and under-appreciated.)

After the Captain, Neil Wilkinson, told the story, he learned that Bob was also at the meeting, and that his name was actually Daniel Roy.

According to CBC News, Mr. Roy said Mr. Wilkinson and the Salvation Army’s kindness helped him change, as did the kindness an RCMP officer showed on a night where he was planning on ending his own life.

“My rock bottom had a cellar. […] I was tired of what I had become”, said Roy.

Daniel Roy now works at the Salvation Army he was caught stealing from.

“I want the people of Prince George to see that change is possible”, he said.

According to CBC News, neither he nor Mr. Wilkinson knew the other would be at the meeting. Needless to say, things worked out for the best.

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