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Challenge Your Friends To a Duel On This Bumper Boat Pond in BC

Cultus Lake Adventure Park

Photo: Destination Cultus

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Challenge your friend(s) to a bumper boat fight at Cultus Lake Adventure Park this summer.

The attraction is a fun and safe way to get a little rough with one another, all in good fun.

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It’s a fun way to settle a bet, or to work out a disagreement, and more likely than not you’ll end up hugging it out.

Just watch out for the waterfall and the water blasters in the spectator area!

Each vehicle has a two-person capacity for one driver and one junior passenger.

Cultus Lake Adventure Park
Photo: Destination Cultus

Bucky’s Bumper Boats can be found in the Cultus Lake Adventure Park at Destination Cultus.

The ride does have a set of entry requirements, however. Full ride requirements can be found here.

Admission into the Adventure Park is free, and tokens for rides are $2.50 each, with each ride costing one or two tokens. Unlimited-access wristbands are also available.

Destination Cultus’s last day of operation for the season is Monday, September 2nd.

Hours of operation for each day can be found here.

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