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Watch Out! Crows Are Dive-Bombing Pedestrians Across Metro Vancouver


No it’s not the end of the world, but crows are really dive-bombing people in the streets of Metro Vancouver.

As pedestrians walk along the streets, these crows will caw at them viciously as they pass by. What happens next is that they will dive down from where they are perched or flying, and begin their attack.

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Known as “dive-bombing,” this behaviour is anything but new. In fact, many people have incurred serious injurious from the birds. Not to mention. numerous cases have been reported that have left people bleeding from pecking.

Crows Behaviour in the Spring

During this time of year, crows are very overprotective parents.

A heightened sense of aggression during what is called fledgling season is completely normal. It’s during this season that young birds will fly down from their nests, but might not be strong enough to fly back up.

Enter aggressive parents who will attack anyone who looks like a threat.

The best course of action?

Wear a hat and keep an eye on any foul that seem agitated; loud squawking and stalking are dead giveaways.

Crow Dive-Bombing Map

If you want to avoid areas that are more prone to crow attacks, an instructor at Langara College created an interactive map showing crow attacks across Metro Vancouver to help you out.

Since launching the map CrowTrax, over 300 people have filed entries saying they had been attacked by crows.

Photo: CrowTrax (live map as of June 6th, 2019)

Click here for more information and/or a live version of the map.


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