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Vancouver’s Very Own Canuck The Crow & Cassiar Are Expecting Chicks

Canuck the Crow

Photo: Canuck and I / Facebook

Earlier this month, we were sad to report that Canuck the Crow and Cassiar’s baby chicks had tragically died in a predator attack.

Fast forward a few weeks and good news is coming from Canuck’s nest. On Thursday, May 23rd, news broke that Canuck and Cassiar are once again expecting chicks.

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Hundreds of people rushed to congratulate the two birds on the Canuck and I Facebook page, which is managed by Shawn Bergman.


“The last time I did an update on Nesting Season, I left you with hope and a fresh start” reads the Facebook post.

“Since then, the happy couple have been busy”.

The post highlights mentions that a new nest was built on May 11th and that Cassiar laid her eggs on May 12th.

Bergman mentions how he was certain that the birds were trying to start a family again.

“That night though, I got my confirmation as they did not leave to go to The Still Creek Rookery. They stayed the night in the neighborhood. That definitely meant there were eggs in the nest, and on Mother’s Day no less”.

We couldn’t be happier for Canuck the Crow and Cassiar!


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