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Canuck The Crow & Cassiar’s Baby Chicks Have Died In A Predator Attack

Canuck The Crow

Photo: Canuck and I / Facebook

There’s some sad news to share from Canuck the Crow and his family.

Canuck the Crow and Cassiar’s baby chicks have tragically died in a predator attack.

“With all of the amazing moments in Canuck’s life that I am incredibly honoured to be able to share with all of you; I sometimes have the responsibility to deliver bad news as well. This sadly is one of those times” said Shawn Bergman in a Facebook post.

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“This past Thursday May 2, 2019, there was an attack on Canuck and Cassiar’s nest from an airborne predator”.

He goes on to say that the attack was fatal.

“The attack happened going into the evening and over the next couple of days it became evident that the attack indeed was fatal to the little ones in the nest”.

Bergman said that “Canuck and Cassiar are safe and both appear to be uninjured”. As for what’s next for Vancouver’s most beloved and infamous crow, him and Cassiar abandoned the nest and flew off to the Rookery on Saturday night for the first time since eggs were first in the nest.

Canuck and Cassiar’s little chicks hatched on April 24th and Bergman said the parents remained busy with them.

Last year, Canuck the crow’s chicks died due to unknown difficulties shortly after birth.

“To be blunt, I’m devastated” said Bergman in 2018.

“The parents are doing okay but are visibly sad. I’m not a Crow expert, but I now know what it looks and sounds like when a Crow cries”.

We wish you all the best Canuck!


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