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Corner Stores May Make a Comeback In Your Vancouver Neighbourhood

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Do you remember grabbing candy from the corner store around the block?

If so, you may be pleased to know that the Vancouver city council passed a motion to accept applications for neighbourhood grocery stores (corner stores) in residential areas. In addition, they will be trying to protect the few that still exist.

Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung’ s motion was met with a unanimous decision being in favour. She noted that these stores were often “the gems of their communities”.

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“These are not just places that can supply your daily needs where you can pick up milk or a loaf of bread. They’re places [where] people connect,” says, Kirby-Yung.

Over 350 corner stores have been lost in the past decade, there are only 34 remaining in Vancouver.

The regulations that were in place at the time these neighbourhood corner stores existed dated back to 1980. Therefore, no new such stores were allowed to open after, and if the store had been closed then there were restrictions on it reopening.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic and the push to buy local, as well as zoning amendments, it may make it easier for these stores to thrive again.

Some Vancouver Corner Stores That Remain

Of those stores that still exist, they tend to be in areas like Mount Pleasant, Strathcona or Grandview-Woodlands. These communities are often perceived as “rich” but perhaps that is because there is a sense of community around that, coming from the stores.

  • The Federal Store (2601 Quebec Street)
  • Le Marche St. George (4393 St. George Street)
  • West Side Market (3870 West 16th Avenue)
  • Vernon Drive Grocery (704 Vernon Drive)
  • Cardero Cafe (1016 Cardero Street)
  • Arbutus Coffee (2200 Arbutus Street)
  • Corner Store (959 E35th Avenue)
  • Lucky Market (2262 Nanaimo Street)

Share Your Memories

Do you have a local neighbourhood corner store in your area? Or a fond memory of one? If so, let us know in the comments below.


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