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Climate Activists Protested Black Friday With a Funeral Procession (PHOTOS)

Extinction Rebellion Vancouver holds funeral for "our feature" on Black Friday

Photo: xr_vancouver / Instagram

Climate activists protested Black Friday last week with a funeral procession, through downtown.

Extinction Rebellion Vancouver and Sustainabiliteens both lead the event as a way protest mass consumerism and its effects on the planet. The event started at 1 pm and went on until that evening.

Protesters walked through Pacific Centre, the skytrain stations and downtown streets, donning all black or red robes as they held a casket with the Extinction Rebellion label and the words, “our future.”


Whereas Sustainabiliteens staged a flashmob in the mall and held a free clothing swap outside Vancouver City Centre Station.

As a result of the funeral procession, six protesters were arrested, for stopping traffic and blocking a main intersection.


“Protestors perched themselves on top of the structures and refused to leave the area, despite several requests, and then warnings, from officers,” says a news release from the Vancouver Police Department.

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The group held the protest on Black Friday, because the day brings out thousands of shoppers for mass sales. The two activist groups said they want to promote re-using and recycling.

Fast fashion is the second largest polluter of water and consumes 10% of the world’s carbon emissions.

The U.K-based Extinction Rebellion held similar protests around the globe, including ones in London, Melbourne and New York.


This is one of several climate strikes in Vancouver over the last few months. The first took place in September and brought thousands of activists out. Last week, the City of Vancouver took some action by creating by-laws that would ban single-use items.

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