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11 Last Minute Christmas Gifts Under $50 That You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

christmas gift shopping amazon ideas

Did you leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute?

If you said yes, you aren’t alone. Luckily there are a number of really great Christmas gifts and holiday ideas available online on Amazon. The best part is it won’t cost you too much.

We are rounding up some Christmas gift ideas on Amazon that you can still get for less than 50 bucks.

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11 Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas Available on Amazon Right Now

Iron Man Wireless Mouse

ironman mouse
Photo: Amazon

Price: $15.99 on Amazon

Description: Get this for the Marvel fan in your life. What is cooler than this wireless mouse that looks like Tony Stark’s Iron Man mask. This is an ergonomic mouse, the lights light up when in use, and it’s comfortable to use all day long. Batteries are required.

Anker Wireless Charger, Powerwave Pad

wireless charger pad
Photo: Amazon

Price: $16.99 on Amazon

Description: Perfect for the person always losing their chargers. This is a powerwave pad and wireless charger. No more messing around with cords and trying to find something to recharge batteries or devices. This pad won’t slip, and can charge a variety of devices.

Salton Coffee Mug & Tea Cup Warmer

mug warmer gift
Photo: Amazon

Price: $17.98 on Amazon

Description: For the at-home worker or the busy-bee parent who ends up drinking cold coffee, this electric mug warmer is a winning gift.  Your coffee or tea will be kept warm the entire day, never having to microwave your beverage again.

Airpods Air Hooks

airpods ear hooks
Photo: Amazon

Price: $19.98 on Amazon

Description: If you know someone that loves their Apple AirPods, this will be a perfect gift (or keep for yourself). Everyone knows that the Airpods are prone to falling out here and there, these ear hooks are a perfect solution for keeping them in place. The  C-shape fits easily, is comfortable to wear, and easy to attach and remove.

SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder Caddy

wine holder gift idea
Photo: Amazon

Price: $19.99 on Amazon

Description: This is perfect for the wine lovers in your life. You can now have a drink even while taking a shower (no judgements). This is a portable drink holder that sticks to the wall of your shower, mirror, or any area that is tiled or mirrored. The purpose… so you can pregame while you get ready. It is available in several colours as well.

Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser

water bottle
Photo: Amazon

Price: $23.99 on Amazon

Description: A reusable water bottle that comes complete with a straw and it’s own fruit infuser, makes for a pretty good health gift. Not only does it encourage more water drinking but it’s attractive too, coming in seven different colours. The filter is removable as well.

Fabric Shaver Fuzz Remover

fabric shaver amazon gift ideas
Photo: Amazon

Price: $27.99 on Amazon

Description: Help your family and friends look their best by helping them remove those fuzzies off of their sweaters and pants. This handy little fabric shaver is easy to use and smoothes out the pills in clothes that are unsightly. It will make clothes look as good as new. It can be used on rugs, sofas, and anything made of fabric.

LED LightSaber Chopsticks

Photo: Amazon

Price: $29.97 on Amazon

Description: This is a fun gift. Who wouldn’t want a pair of light-up lightsaber chopsticks at mealtime? This is the perfect gift for Star Wars fans, or anyone that likes to make mealtime more fun.

Zevro Dry Food Dispenser

amazon gift ideas
Photo: Amazon

Price: $33.00 on Amazon

Description: Clean up your pantry and remove those boxes… instead you can use this dry food dispenser which also looks sleek.  This is a cereal dispenser with an airtight seal, so items can stay fresh. It’s also great for storing your pets treats, rice or more.

Dash Mini Maker – Mini Waffle Maker

christmas gift ideas amazon waffle maker
Photo: Amazon

Price: $37.59 on Amazon

Description: This is a cute little waffle maker that is sure to make morning extra special. The nonstick surface makes it easy to whip up a wide variety of treats, besides just waffles… including eggs, cheese pizzas, hash browns, and more. The small size is perfect for any kitchen. It is available in other colours as well.

Bathtub Caddy Tray

bathtub caddy
Photo: Amazon

Price: $48.99 on Amazon

Description: This is a thoughtful and unique novelty gift for the person that loves long baths. Made of bamboo, this bathtub caddy tray makes tub time more relaxing, to store your drinks, snacks, a read, and anything you need.


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