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Chinese Vancouver Businesses Face 70% Drop Due to Coronavirus Fears

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Photo: PhotoJunkie88 / Flickr

Chinese businesses in Vancouver have seen a drop by 70% due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) fears.

Canadian officials met with Chinese business owners on Monday, to discuss how ignorance revolving around the virus is affecting them.

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That’s where Chinese entrepreneurs said they have seen a major drop in sales.

“The Chinese New Year period is the most busy time in the year. We [had to] cancel all the parties, nobody come out,” said Alex Wang, who runs the Peninsula Seafood Restaurant in Oakridge.

That’s because many people seem reluctant to go out for Chinese food, despite the mere handful of Coronavirus cases in B.C.

“We’re encouraging people to continue on with their regular business,” Mayor Kennedy Stewart said during the press conference. “Enjoy all the great food and other services that are offered here in Chinatown and other Chinese communities.”

The Public Health Association of Canada (PHAC) said the risk of COVID-19 is still low in Canada.

Many are spreading fear and racism about the Coronavirus in Vancouver. But for factual information, check out our guide on everything you need to know.

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