Canadians Are About To Start Paying More For Their Internet

Internet Prices / paying more for internet

Get ready to pay more for your internet.

Logging into the world wide web is going to cost you as Telus, Bell and Shaw are all going to raise their prices on select internet plans this year.


Price Hikes

Starting February 25th, the monthly rate for Telus internet plans will increase by $2 to $5.

Beginning February 1st, Bell will raise their internet prices by $5 monthly for Bell Aliant customers in Atlantic Canada. Ontario and Quebec Bell customers will also see an increase of up to $6 for various plans as of March 1st.

Shaw will also raise their rates on April 1st, but by how much is still unknown.

The demand for people wanting to access the internet in their homes made home internet one of the fastest-growing sectors in 2017 with 86 per cent of households subscribing to the service that year.

Canadians also want their internet to be faster, and have more data.  

Data usage for high-speed users increased by 30 per cent in 2017. 

The big three telco companies say they need to raise rates in order to improve their networks to accommodate this demand.

Bell stated internet usage by customers was up by 500 per cent over the past five years.

Bell also noted it has invested $4 billion in its infrastructure last year.

However, the CRTC is currently addressing a growing number of complaints from Canadians about their internet service.

Will you consider making a switch to a smaller independent company for your internet?

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