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Should B.C. Consider a ‘COVID-19 Curfew’ Like Other Canadian Provinces?


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It should come as no surprise that COVID-19 cases have not been slowing down across B.C., nor the country.

Though a vaccine is here, and a detailed roll-out plan on the way, health officials are still trying desperately to curb the spread of the virus.

In B.C. we have experienced restrictions to varying degrees, including no social gatherings and only being with people in your household.

Here’s a look at what other Canadian provinces are doing.

Curfew in Effect in Quebec

Quebec’s Premier, François Legault, has announced that the entire province will be undergoing a 8 pm to 5 am daily curfew. This will be in effect from January 8 to February 8.

A curfew of this type is the first in Canada.

Because the transmission appears to be in people’s homes, the Premier says that the curfew will be a “shock therapy” and will “reduce the number of visits between people.”

The curfew stipulates that other than for work, people are not allowed outside their homes during these hours. Grocery stores and convenience shops (depanneurs) will be closed at 730pm, while gas stations (which can double as convenience stores) and pharmacies can remain open past 8pm.

There will also be fines of $1,000 to $6,000 are in place for those that break curfew with no reason.

Ontario May Follow Suit

Originally Premier Doug Ford had said that a curfew would be an extreme measure. However, since Quebec’s announcement, he has now stated “everything’s on the table, but let’s see where the numbers go.”

Ontario has reached 3,000+ new cases daily in just four of the last seven days. There have been rather rigid restrictions through the province, however the idea of a curfew has some considerations.

Should B.C. Consider A Curfew?

Countries such as Australia have successfully curbed the spread by undergoing a curfew and lockdown. Some are questioning whether this is needed vs the long, drawn-out partial lockdowns that people have been seeing…and growing sick of.

After the holidays, we hit record highs in terms of COVID-19 cases and B.C.’s rollout plan is not coming until later this month.

As numbers across regions escalate, and seeing how the rest of the country is responding, one can’t help but wonder if our province would ever be in the same boat.

What do you think?

Are you tired of partial lockdowns and think B.C. should adopt a curfew model? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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