Canada’s National Parks Are Reopening Next Month, But With New Restrictions

canada natonal parks reopen

Some of Canada’s national parks are reopening next month, but there will be new restrictions in place.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau said, Thursday, that some areas of the parks will open, only if physical distancing is possible. Those areas will be open as of June 1st.

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“There will be different phases,” said Trudeau.

Camping in parks will also not be permitted until at least June 21st, he added.

The timing coincides with many provincial parks reopening. However, certain popular spots will remain closed for the time being.

This comes after last weekend, when B.C. park rangers gave out nearly 1,900 warnings for those not social distancing.

Trudeau acknowledged that this long weekend will be different for many Canadians, who spend their time outdoors.

“This isn’t forever. Canadians have been doing the right things these past many weeks,” he said. “And we have to be prepared to keep making adjustments as needed.”

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