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Canada’s Biggest Airlines Just Got Rid of a Major Physical Distancing Policy

The country’s two biggest airlines are getting rid of a major physical distancing policy, starting July 1st.

Amid the pandemic, Air Canada and Westjet had added safety measures onboard to help curb the spread of COVID-19. That included blocking the sale of some seats onboard to create distance, but the companies are now scrapping that.

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The Canadian airlines have said they’re reverting back to normal capacity, in accordance with International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s health recommendations.


IATA had called for an end to in-flight physical distancing rules and proposed new measures that contradict federal government policies.

“Operators should develop guidance for spacing passengers aboard aircraft when possible to optimize social distancing,” said Transport Canada in a guide for COVID-19 prevention for the aviation industry.

Air Canada and Westjet will still conduct pre-boarding temperature checks and require masks on board. They have also implemented enhanced cleaning measures and cut out meals.

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