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The Best Japanese Restaurants In Vancouver

Best Japanese Restaurants In Vancouver

Photo: @food_with_howie / Instagram

Sushi, sashimi, ramen, tempera – those just a few highlights in the delectable world of Japanese cuisine. Being the birthplace of the California roll, it’s not entirely surprising that Vancouver has a large variety of Japanese eateries catering to our every whim.

But in a sea of options, just exactly where is the best Japanese restaurant in Metro Vancouver? This is not a question to take lightly in this city, so we gathered the opinions of 9 local foodies.

Victoria Sushi


Recommended by: Howard (@food_with_howie)

What they had to say about it: My nomination has to be Victoria Sushi. While their pricing is more on the affordable end,  the quality is on the higher end. My favourite is their beef oshi sushi. Seared to perfection, I love how tender and flavourful it is. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

Where to get it: 15 E Royal Ave #10 in New Westminster


Kurosan (Also Known As Mr. Black)


Recommended by: Melody (@blackholetummy)

What they had to say about it: The Gyukatsu Wagyu Beef Set is my favourite! Wagyu beef tenderloin lightly battered on the outside served with a hot stone for you to cook to your liking – it’s as heavenly as it sounds. The set also comes with traditional Japanese sides like natto on rice. One word: YUM!

Where to get it: 2790-4151 Hazelbridge Way in Richmond

Kingyo Izakaya


Recommended by: (@vanfoodiepharmily)

What they had to say about it: Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this sashimi bowl is? Kingyo Izkaya actually serves a good selection of traditional Japanese food and people can enjoy a huge and delicious lunch under $20. Besides the sashimi bowl, I also highly recommend their pork cutlet.

Where to get it: 871 Denman Street in Vancouver

Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba  


Recommended by: Jovi (@nomsofvan)

What Jovi had to say about it: The hottest Japanese eatery currently is no doubt Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba. They introduced mazesoba, which is a soupless mixing ramen to the Vancouver food scene! Their noodles are chewy and the sauce you mix with is extremely flavourful. You definitely need to try out the Zenbu and Mentaiko Cream Mazesoba — it’s the best!

Where to get it: 551 Seymour St in Vancouver


Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba (Again!)


Recommended by:  Sophia (@sopheats)

What they had to say about it:  A relatively new kid on the block, my pick goes to Kokoro Mazesoba. I can’t decide if it’s the slow braised chasiu, the decadent sauce, or the thick broth-less noodles but this Japanese eatery really hits the spot every time. The style of noodles is very interesting because there is no soup, but the many ingredients and sauces in the bowl speak for itself. After mixing it all together, it makes for a delectable mash up. Don’t forget to ask for a free scoop of rice at the end so you can mix it in with the remaining sauce! My favourite dish is the ‘Zenbu Mazesoba’ because it comes with so many tasty components!

Where to get it: 551 Seymour St in Vancouver

Green Leaf Cafe


Recommended by: Sylvia (@food.thyme)

What they had to say about it: This is one of my favourite places to grab Japanese fusion cuisine. While they do serve some of the best aburi sushi I’ve ever tried, their Asian fusion pastas are equally amazing. I highly recommend their linguine alle vongole bianco which includes a generous serving of clams and sprinkled with a bit of heat.

Where to get it: 9604 Cameron St in Burnaby

Kitcho Izakaya


Recommended by: Caleb & Nerissa (@forkthatdish)

What they had to say about it: This a place that isn’t talked about as much as the rest of its Izakaya peers but this hidden gem is definitely our pick. Their Yaku Soba dish is absolutely mouthwatering with its delicate texture and flavourful special sauce. Not only is its presentation beautiful, dipping the noodles is a unique experience on its own.  

Where to get it: 4800 No 3 Rd in Richmond



Recommended by:  Victor (@foodvictory)

What they had to say about it: Santouka Ramen, is one place I highly recommend for Japanese ramen. Their ramen is a great deal and most importantly, really tasty! I like going there for my ramen fix, and the sides aren’t too bad either! Try the miso ramen with gyoza  and let me know what you think

Where to get it: 2 Locations in Vancouver:

  • 558 West Broadway
  • 1690 Robson Street

Uma Sushi Bar


Recommended by:  @vanfoodventure

What they had to say about it:   Originally a humble food stall at the Chinatown night market, this sushi bar quickly became popular with a unique offering: SUSHI DONUTS! Although the concept originated from Australia and was made into a sensation on social media by a sushi chef in California, it was Uma Sushi that introduced this new sushi creation to Vancouver. Sushi donuts taste nothing like donuts, but instead are traditional sushi rolls shaped like a donut, so rest assured that they are actually much healthier without the sugar and calories. To make the sushi donuts, Uma Sushi begins with a ring of rice with thin pieces of fish mixed in, and adds on top a generous portion of fish and other ingredients. Their current menu offers 3 kinds: Salmon on Fire, Tuna Lover, and Scallop Mayo. All are made aburi-style. These sushi donuts are not only tasty but are Instagram worthy as well!

Where to get it:  450 W 8th Ave in Vancouver


Think we’re missing a spot on our list of the best Japanese restaurants in Metro Vancouver? Let us know below!


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