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Watch: Heart-stopping Video Captures BC Man Shooting at Charging Grizzly Bear

grizzly bear shot

Photo: YouTube

Bella Coola is often promoted as one of the top places in the province to see bears, but the following encounter is a reminder to keep your distance.

A video recently posted to YouTube captures a heart-stopping moment between a local resident and a grizzly bear.

In it, Lawrence Michalchuk is seen approaching a grizzly bear and her cubs. Michalchuk claims he was trying to scare the bears off his property by firing his shotgun, loaded with birdshot.

The warning shots appears to anger the sow, who suddenly charges right at him. As soon as the bear gets too close to comfort, Michalchuk fires another round that appears to hit the animal in the face and tumble to the ground.

The bear was quick to get back up, but the few seconds it was down provided just enough time for Michalchuk and his dog to get into his house and lock his metal door.

WARNING. The following video contains graphic content and language. It may not be suitable for all viewers, and discretion is advised.


The home owner escaped the scene without injury, but did lose a shoe in the encounter.

According to Michalchuck, the bear escaped without injury too.

Conservation officers are currently investigating.


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