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This BC Town Has Less Than 200 People And A Lot Of Grizzly Bears

Bella Coola

Vancouver has soaring architecture and a plethora of eateries, entertainment venues and more; however, other parts of BC offer a much more serene experience.

This is especially true of the almost otherworldly BC town, Bella Coola.

Set in the triumphant Great Bear Rainforest, the town allows visitors to experience one of the world’s most remarkable ecosystems. Not only is it beautiful, but this pristine forest is the size of Ireland.

The area also possesses a temperate climate, which means that it isn’t ever unbearably hot or cold. With that in mind, the valley is 100 kms inland, and actually gets far less rainfall than the coast.

What’s more, the town’s population is less than 135 people, meaning that you’ll truly feel immersed in the wild. There are 1,900 in the Bella Coola valley at large, but the town boasts a modest number of residents.

In order to reach this breathtaking town, you’ll need schedule a flight with Pacific Coastal Airlines, take a BC ferry, or drive in from Williams Lake.



Escape to Bella Coola

There are a number of activities to enjoy in the valley, and you may wish to stay for a while. Favourite activities include fishing, hiking, river tubing, wildlife viewing, totem & petroglyph tours, and more.

Of course, the area is also known for its abundance of grizzly bears, which never cease to thrill visitors.

Indeed, there are view things as spellbinding as viewing these fierce creatures in the flesh. Not only are they huge, but they are truly fascinating creatures. If the African lion is king of the Serengeti, then the grizzly bear is king of the Pacific Northwest.

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