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BC Is Updating Red Light Cameras To Ticket Speeders

Red Light Cameras

The Government of British Columbia is upgrading technology in an effort to curb speeding in the province.

Now, officials are upgrading red light cameras at crash-prone intersections across British Columbia. The Ministry of Public Safety describes how speed causes a great number of collisions each year; as many as 84 collisions occur at busy intersections.

Over the next several months, the government will conduct research at these intersections to determine how to best institute the changes. Prior to this, the photo radar system involved officers sitting in vans snapping photos. This one would not require a physical presence.

Earlier this year, the government steps up fines for distracted driving, as well. Now, any perpetrator caught twice in a three year period will get slapped with a whopping $2000 penalty.

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec already use red-light cameras.


Are Red Light Cameras a Good Idea?

Many people advocate against the use of this technology because they feel that it is too indiscriminate. Although many drivers are reckless, not all speeding is extremely dangerous. As a result, many feel that the wrong people will get slapped with fines.

Chris Thompson, an advocate against these cameras, who stated that he felt the move was not the best choice.

“He says better ways to make intersections safer would be through intersection design — like increasing the time yellow lights are lit up on traffic signals — or through better education,” reports CBC News.

The intersection camera system will also be able to issue speeding tickets as well as those for running  red lights.

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