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BC Ferry Sells To Highest Bider for 100x Original Bid of 6k

BC Ferry

Photo: David Stanley / Flickr

The bidding started shockingly low: a 53 year old BC Ferry went on auction back in December and for a while the highest bid sat at $5,720 CAD. Considering that the ship’s scrap metal is worth far more than this, the number surprised many people.

In the end, however, the ship sold to the highest bidder at $653,356.20.

There were 281 total bids on the govdeals.ca website for the retired ferry. In addition, the vessel is no longer suitable for sailing. This is because the ship has periodic leakage of hydraulic oil from controllable pitch propeller hub, and that it also contains myriad hazardous materials including asbestos.

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BC Ferry Sold

With this in mind, the ferry will still rake in a great deal of money for the scrap metal alone; however, the identity of the highest bidder was not disclosed, nor what he or she plans on doing with the vessel.

Due to a multitude of major issues, it is highly unlikely that the ship’s owner will get the ship to environmental and safety standards necessary for sailing.

This ship is currently mothballed in Richmond.

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