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6 Awesome Things You Could Do With The $6000 BC Ferry

BC Ferry

Photo: David Stanley / Flickr

The highest bid for the Queen of Burnaby on the GovDeals.ca website is currently less than $6000. Indeed, at 52 years of age, this aquatic vessel has seen better days; however, this price is still startlingly low.

While it may be a ridiculous investment to some, there are numerous ways this BC Ferry could be spruced up and put to fantastic use.

6 Things To Do With The Ferry


Parking Garage


Since it already has a capacity for 168 cars on the lower decks, it isn’t hard to imagine that it could be used as a garage. What’s more, the rest of the vessel could be fashioned to hold more cars where there was sitting areas.

Floating Theatre


While it is fun to see movies on land, Cinema at Sea has a decidedly nice ring to it. Moreover, there is already a great deal of seating, as well as multiple rooms to hold screenings.

Watch the Fireworks


When it comes to watching the annual fireworks in Vancouver, space at sea is prime real estate. Forget hustling on the beach for a spot amongst crowds, the ferry makes an ideal place to watch the sparks fly.



Once again, parties are fun on land, but nothing really beats a party at sea. While there are already numerous parties in Vancouver waters, there haven’t been any on a ferry. These vessels have a ton of space, multiple levels, and a large deck. Moreover, the sheer hilarity of having a party on a BC Ferry is sure to be a crowd pleaser.



Rather than just showing movies, the vessel could host a myriad of entertainers including musical performers, dancers, and actors. Cruise ships already do this, but the atmosphere is a great deal different on the larger ships. What’s more, Vancouver does not have a great deal of short sailings in the city. For example, cities such as Los Angeles and Miami have quite a few cruises that only last the night and are perfect for such events.



Similar to a cruise ship, the ferry could function as an oceanic hotel and resort. While it isn’t as large as many of the cruise ships at sea, it could make shorter journeys around the lower mainland, and be used as more of a novelty than an expedition ship.

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