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You Can Buy A BC Ferry For Under $6000 And Host Epic Parties At Sea

BC Ferry

Photo: Kam Abbott / Flickr

It may not be the most likely prospect for a potential party spot, but it’s easier to acquire a BC ferry than ever before.

The GovDeals.ca website is currently listing the Queen of Burnaby at less than $6000. Indeed, at 52 years of age, this aquatic vessel has seen better days; however, this price is still startlingly low.

The reason for the low cost? The vessel is been sold to the highest bidder, and so far the highest offer is sitting at $5,720 CAD.

BC Ferry
Photo: Govdeals.ca


BC Ferry For Sale

BC Ferry
Photo: Govdeals.ca
BC Ferry
Photo: Govdeals.ca


Although this deal seems incredible, the ship comes with a great deal of mechanical and safety concerns. Moreover, it is up for sale because it’s being replaced by a newer model.

A few of the issues with the ferry include:

1. Vessel had experienced periodic leakage of hydraulic oil from controllable pitch propeller hub.
2. Vessel has hazardous materials from new build and operations that must be managed in accordance with environmental regulations, known materials include: asbestos, diesel fuel, petroleum based lubricants, wiring and insulation products, paints, refrigerants, and other chemicals for proper operation.

The ship is currently docked in Richmond; however, the new owner would need to tow the vessel from its current resting place because the sailing license has expired.

Here’s 6 potential ways you could make the most of your $6,000 ferry bid.

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