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B.C. Is Seeing Cooler-Than-Seasonal Summer Temperatures VS. Rest of Canada

Vancouver weather forecast grey and cloudy

Photo: Ted McGrath / Flickr

While much of Canada is sweating through 30 degree temperatures, B.C. is still waiting for summer to begin.

The Weather Network’s annual summer forecast predicted British Columbians would see a slow start to summer and that has certainly been the case. Canada Day in Vancouver was the coldest Canada Day in the last 60 years.

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Meanwhile, Toronto has reached 30 degrees on 11 days since summer began. Luckily, B.C. will see some hot weather by mid to late July.


Unfortunately for Albertans, they will get some typical summer weather, but not enough to make up for the colder than usual days during the first half of July. 

It’s too bad international travel is off the table right now, but British Columbians can still travel within the province.

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