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Someone Decided To Do a Backflip Into The Water Off Cambie Bridge (VIDEO)

backflip on Cambie Bridge

Photo: Instagram / @thesendboyss

A video posted to Instagram of someone doing a backflip off of the Cambie Bridge is causing a lot of concern.

Vancouver police are calling the behaviour dangerous and reckless.

The stunt itself, police are saying, is risky. The downtown bridge is above False Creek, which is a high-traffic waterway for small passenger ferries and recreational activities.

The VPD Sgt. Steve Addison commented on what could happen upon hitting that water. “Your limbs can freeze up, you start gasping for air.”

He warns against hidden hazards as well, including various types of debris. The Sgt. warns that there is still a sailboat down there, that had caught fire, sank and hasn’t been salvaged yet.

There have been many instances where dives such as this didn’t end well. The possibility of injuring limbs, ending up in an ambulance, accidentally hitting a ferry, or ending in tragedy is quite real.


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The VPD are discouraging these stunts and warning to the public to not try this. They would like to not see this happen again.

The Cambie bridge jump doesn’t appear to be the first stunt, however, just the latest.


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