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B.C. Restrictions May Remain In Place Throughout The Entire Summer

b.c. vaccination plan restrictions

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It’s been nearly a year since life as we know it changed, and the question on everyone’s mind is “when can we go back to normal?”. Based on the B.C. vaccination plan rolling out to immunize against COVID-19, it appears we may be living under restrictions for longer than we may realize.

We are currently in Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Immunization Plan. This phase is estimated to vaccinate 400,000 people between now to mid-April. People eligible in this phase include: seniors, Indigenous peoples and people who live and work in independent living.


Phase 3 and 4 is when the general population will start and will run from April to September.

A recent announcement stated that everyone will be getting vaccinated by July, but if you look at the timelines carefully, it will be September before everyone is immunized.

A Closer Look At The Vaccination Plan Timelines

Phase 3 will run from April – June. It will aim to vaccinate those aged 79-90 in 5 year increments. Here is who will be vaccinated by when:

  • 79 to 75 (D1 April, D2 May)
  • 74 to 70 (D1 April/May, D2 May/June)
  • 69 to 65 (D1 May/June, D2 June/July)
  • 64 to 60 (D1 June, D2 July)
  • People aged 69 to 16 who are clinically extremely vulnerable (D1 and D2 April/June)

Phase 4 will start in July and run all the way to September 2021. This is when many people out in the community will be vaccinated:

  • 59 to 55 (D1 July, D2 August)
  • 54 to 50 (D1 July, D2 August)
  • 49 to 45 (D1 July, D2 August)
  • 44 to 40 (D1 July, D2 August)
  • 39 to 35 (D1 July/August, D2 August/September)
  • 34 to 30 (D1 August, D2 September)
  • 29 to 25 (D1 August/September, D2 September)
  • 24 to 18 (D1 and D2 September)

Note: D1 and D2 refer to Dose 1 and Dose 2

Given that much of the pandemic’s restrictions have circled around gatherings with young people and “parties” within the 20-29 age groups, one may wonder if restrictions will fully lift before that group gets their immunizations.


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