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Try The Best All You Can Eat Restaurants In Richmond

all you can eat Richmond

Calling all foodies!

Feast on as much food as your stomach can handle at Richmond’s best all you can eat joints.

All You Can Eat Restaurants


Claypot Hot Pot & BBQ


Dig in to all you can eat hot pot at this popular joint at 105-8291 Alexandra Road. Choose your own soup base (satay, ginseng chicken, pork bone), seafood (oysters, prawns, mussels), dumplings (fish, pork, wonton) and much more.

Kisha Poppo Japanese Restaurant


Sometimes all you need is all the sushi you can consume. Choose from a wide variety of fresh sushi, sashimi and other cooked Japanese entrees at this spot in Ironwood. Give them a try at 11660 Steveston Highway.

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The Buffet at River Rock Casino


One thing is for sure—you will not leave here hungry. Centrally located at the River Rock Casino, the buffet serves up a variety of cuisine including: pasta, roast beef, seafood, sushi, salads and more. Their dessert options are endless too—pies, cakes, mousse and sometimes even a chocolate fountain. They also have special “themed” nights highlighting different cuisines. Grab a bite at 8811 River Road.


Richmond Sushi


You can never get enough sushi. Another AYCE joint that serves up all the sushi your heart could ever desire. Get your fill of all things sushi, sashimi, tempura and more. They’re located at 8388 Capstan Way.

Veggie Bunch Vegetarian Restaurant

[Update: Veggie Bunch has since closed since the publishing of this article.]


A hidden gem serving up delicious veggie alternatives and they have a self-serve all you can eat buffet. The Taiwanese restaurant has tofu, rice turnip cakes, taro and more. They also have ice cream for dessert. Check them out at 6611 Buswell Street.

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