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The Best Dessert Places In Richmond

Best Dessert Places Richmond

Patty H./ Yelp

When you think of desserts, you probably imagine a mound of oozing, chocolate lava cake, or some sort of creamy cheesecake topped with oodles of berries and a decadent sauce. Did we just make your mouth water?

Get in your car and make your way to Richmond.

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The area is well-known for their many escape rooms and divine savory food options. But if you want to expand your dessert horizons, Richmond is home to some unique sweets that you may have never even heard of.

Here’s a bunch of our favourite treats around the city:

Best Dessert Places In Richmond

Faebrew | 140-4328 No. 3 Road

One of the only places in Richmond that charges $25 for a coffee. But that’s a whole other story. This sleek cafe is unlike any we’ve ever been. It offers a therapeutic experience, with a fresh-brewed coffee that matches the price in its quality. You need to try the Ferrero Rocher Mousse – served in a mason jar and absolutely as tasty as it sounds.

Best Dessert Places Richmond
Henry B./ Yelp

Bubble Fruity | 8188 Saba Road

If you’re tempted to try some authentic Hong Kong desserts, look no further. Although the food looks unappetizing, the flavours encompass your tongue like nothing you’ve ever tried before. This cash-only, hoppin’ joint always has a line. Step out of your comfort zone and indulge in a Chinese sweet soup. The Mango Sago Cream is out of this world.

Best Dessert Places Richmond

The Bubble Tea Shop | 4651 No. 3 Road

Aside from absolutely de-lish bubble teas, the BBT Shop whips up plenty of desserts that will intrigue anyone with a sweet tooth. It’s a local gem, and we can see why. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and the bubble waffles are mouthwatering. They’ve created a tasty seasonal treat called the Apple Crumble a la Mode Waffle: a cinnamon waffle, topped with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon apples, oat crumble, fresh whipped cream and caramel (and probably your own drool once you get your order).

Best Dessert Places Richmond
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Berry Good | 1120-8766 McKim Way

This dessert shack’s motto, “Life is sweeter with a bit of sugar,” couldn’t be more accurate. We adore Berry Good because they create interesting desserts that you won’t find anywhere else in Richmond – or the 604! We love the Earl Grey Cheesecake. It’s creamy, with a slight tart taste and bold earl grey flavour. You can even have a High-Tea Party at Berry Good or your own home, all catered with their amazing sweets.

Best Dessert Places Richmond
Nora H./ Yelp

The Sweet Spot | 12000 1 Avenue

The best French-style desserts and pastries in Steveston, hands down. This quaint bakery offers a variety of treats to tempt those who like sweets to those who adore them. Each dessert is magically crafted with fresh ingredients and flavours. It’s too hard to choose just one recommendation, but you NEED to order up a couple of the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ganache sandwiches.

Best Dessert Places Richmond
Jerri H./ Yelp

Leisure Tea & Coffee | 8391 Alexandra Road

More like, Leisure Tasty Waffles. Seriously. Don’t let the name fool you. The Ice Cream Waffle is one of the best we’ve tried in the city. Pair that with a Taro Smoothie (sounds weird, but trust us) and you’ll be in Leisure heaven. Their Light Cheesecake is quite popular, too. As well as the Crepes – and just about any other dessert on the menu.

Best Dessert Places Richmond
P.N H./ Yelp

Excellent Tofu & Snacks | 4231 Hazelbridge Way

This little shack looks like a hole in the wall. They also only accept cash. But they’re worth the drive and the extra stop at the ATM. With wacky items ranging from Bird’s Nest Soy Pudding to Seasonal Sweetened Soups, you’ll be confused at what to order. We really enjoyed the Pan-fried Taro/Red Bean Cake.

Best Dessert Places Richmond
Patty H./ Yelp

Mango Yummy | 6564 No. 3 Road

Though they have closed for a temporary break, Mango Yummy will open their doors again as of November 14th, 2016 to bring you some of the most random and delicious desserts in Richmond. The menu offers plenty of mango treats – hence the name – yet, also some surprisingly tasty items that don’t have any mango in them at all. Like the Strawberry and Mochi Shaved Ice. Apparently Shaved Ice is a big deal in Richmond, and Mango Yummy does not disappoint. Definitely try the Mango Sago and Grapefruit, it’s a local favourite.


Did we miss one of your local gems for dessert in Richmond? Let us know in the comments below!

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