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9 Photos Of Yaletown Over The Last 100 Years

Today, Yaletown is known as the chic and trendy spot with cobblestone streets, waterfront views and lots of people toting around their little dogs.

Take a look at what Yaletown used to look like over the last 100 years and see how much it’s evolved.


Here’s a photo of a house located at 1344 Seymour Street, taken in 1899.



Taken in 1923, this photo shows the Victor Flour Mills company, located at 806 Beach Avenue.



Here is a photo of houses along Hamilton Street in 1966.



Here is an image of the 1100 block of Homer Street in 1970, which was full of warehouses.



This shot is an aerial view of False Creek at Stamp’s Landing, taken sometime in the 1970s.



This photo, taken in the 1970s, shows Borsholt Furniture at 1106 Mainland Street.



Here is an image of buildings on Mainland Street, taken sometime in the 1970s.



This photo shows the view from the roof garden at Yaletown House in 1986.



This photo shows the exterior of the Yaletown House building in 1986. Yaletown House is a non-profit care facility for seniors.


Images via Vancouver Archives.

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