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YVR Airport’s Massive $5.6 Billion Reconstruction Project Breaks Ground


Photo: Vancouver Airport Authority

Vancouver International Airport is growing at an astounding pace. For yet another year in a row, the airport has broken its record with an impressive 24 million travellers through 2017. In addition, it’s the largest building in BC, and the second busiest airport in the Country.

And, the airport’s latest growth estimates project 31 million passengers by 2022, and then 29 million passengers for 2020. Also, it is being hailed as the fasted growing airport in North America.

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Now, the airport has started to prepare accommodate that growth with a massive, $5.6 billion expansion.

Coined ‘Flight Plan 2037,’ the ambitious plan will see everything from a centralized, terminal expansion to innovative new kiosks. It will also include upgraded roads to Sea Island to benefit the estimated 35-million passengers expected to travel to the airport at that time.

YVR Expansion Plans

Craig Richmond, President & CEO of the Vancouver Airport Authority, spoke at the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade about the growth.

“It’s hard to believe that we have exceeded expectations and are only one million shy of our original goal of 25 million passengers by 2020. This growth puts YVR as one of the fastest growing airports in North America,” said Richmond at the event. “Looking ahead, we are seeing exciting new destinations and increased frequencies. We are here to connect B.C. proudly to the world and we will continue to generate lift by facilitating the ambitions and endeavors of British Columbians.”

In addition, the airport has updated its target to serve 144 destinations by 2020;  it currently connects people and businesses to 127 non-stop destinations worldwide.


Centralized Expansion

For the passenger, a centralized expansion means one interconnected terminal, with short distances between gates, linked baggage systems and easy connections.

The rendering below shows the central terminal expansion, from above.

Photo: Vancouver Airport Authority

International Terminal

An expansion on an international terminal, Pier D, will accommodate a minimum of 12 new aircrafts. In addition, to support passenger growth, this project will add a range of new amenities and significantly increase terminal space.

This project is set for completion by 2020.

The image below displays a rendering of the Pier D expansion.

Photo: Vancouver Airport Authority

Primary Inspection Kiosks

The new self-service border kiosks are capable of processing nearly 100% of all international travellers and have greatly reduced wait times. Introduced by Vancouver Airport Authority’s Innovative Travel Solutions, the team has sold over 1,300 kiosks to 39 airport and seaport locations in North America, the Caribbean and Europe.

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