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YVR Airport Unveils Major Upgrades For ‘Flight Plan 2037’

YVR 2037

The award-winning YVR Airport will be receiving some upgrades to the terminals over the next 20 years.

Flight Plan 2037 is a $5.6-billion operation that will include expanded terminals, new taxiways, and a geo-exchange system. It will also include upgraded roads to Sea Island to benefit the estimated 35-million passengers expected to travel to the airport at that time.

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To provide bigger aircrafts more space, the largest terminal expansion will be at the international wing.

In addition, plans also include a new plane spotting location for the north runway.

“I am so proud to lead the team that developed and will execute Flight Plan 2037. This plan is built to provide for the long-term capacity needs at YVR, while meeting and enhancing our sustainability goals and ensuring we build in an incremental fashion” said Craig Richmond, President & CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority, speaking at a Greater Vancouver Board of Trade event. “Our future is being shaped by the ongoing dialogue with thousands of British Columbians and our airline partners.”

YVR has launched the third phase of this plan which will guide decision-making on land usage and facility development over the next 20 years.

The second phase allowed the public to give their input on ground access, community amenities, terminal airside and more. The feedback is helping shape plans for the YVR 2037 master plan.

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