A YouTube Video Is Bringing Dinotown Back From Extinction


Although no longer there, B.C. residents may remember Bedrock City, later known as Dinotown.

While it unfortunately closed in 2010, a group of Youtubers are giving us a blast from the past through a series called, Thru the Gift Shop.

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Released last month, the 15-minute video gives viewers a walk through the amusement park’s history, from its beginnings in 1975 to its later travelling shows.

Located off Highway 1 East of Chilliwack, Dinotown was a dinosaur-inspired amusement park. It featured cement dinosaurs, a slide-a-saurus, hand-powered bumper cars and a Jurassic exhibit.

The park’s idea originally came to fruition in the 1950’s, before it moved to its Chilliwack location. There it became Bedrock City, after The Flintstones’ town. But as the marketing rights to the cartoon switched hands, the attraction changed to Dinotown in 1995. 


Photo: wildonescoasterclub


Photo: wildonescoasterclub

Many rides remained, with the addition of new characters and live stage shows.

The owner eventually sold the park in 2010, but it did make a comeback at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds in 2012 and again at Bridal Falls in 2013. 

A Dinotown exhibit opened at Cultus Lake across from the water park during the summers of 2014-2017.

So, what’s your favourite memory of Dinotown?

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