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A Rare Full Worm Super Moon Will Rise Over British Columbia This Month

Full Super Worm Moon

It’s a new month and that means another full moon to look forward to near the end of the month.

Mark your calendar because the Worm Moon is expected to illuminate the sky on March 28 (and it will be completely full at approximately 2:50 p.m. ET).

The arrival of the Worm Moon is particularly exciting because it determines which day Easter Sunday will fall on.

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In case you were wondering because of its name—the moon’s appearance has nothing to do with worms.

Worm Moon – March 28

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, this is just one of many names it has received and it’s based on the fact that earthworms begin to resurface at this time of the year.

It refers to the “earthworms that appear as the soil warms in spring. This invites robins and other birds to feed—a true sign of spring.”

The Old Farmer’s Almanac states there are a number of names for March’s full moon that symbolize the transition from winter to spring.

worm moon
Photo: The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Some refer to the appearance or reappearance of certain animals, like the Eagle Moon, Goose Moon or Crow Comes Back Moon.

Others simply refer to the telltale signs of the season, including:

  • The Sugar Moon: Marks the time of year when the sap of sugar maples starts to flow
  • The Wind Strong Moon: Refers to the strong windy days that come at this time of year
  • The Sore Eyes Moon: Highlights the blinding rays of sunlight that reflect off the melting snow of late winter

The full moon in March is also known as either the Lenten Moon (if it’s the last full moon of winter) or the Paschal Full Moon (if it’s the first full moon of spring).

This year the full moon lands on March 28, which is after the spring equinox. Therefore, this one is known at the Paschal Full Moon.

And Easter will be taking place exactly one week later on Sunday, April 4.

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