White Spot Updates its Famous Pirate Pak

Pirate Pak

Pirate Pak

The original Pirate Pak announcement, circa 1974.

If you grew up in B.C., chances are you’ve enjoyed a Pirate Pak or two while visiting White Spot. The restaurant has been serving them since 1968, and in the almost 50 years since then, nothing has made an impact quite like the iconic meal served with the golden chocolate coin.

As most of us grew older, our hunger for the kid’s meal didn’t change. Fortunately for us, White Spot took notice and began hosting Pirate Pak Days for adults.

Fast forward to today, White Spot is expanding on their beloved Pirate Pak by unveiling a new interactive app for kids that enhances the popular meal.

Pirate Pak

White Spot’s 2017 Pirate Pak

The 3D augmented reality kids’ program is the first of its kind for a Canadian restaurant chain.

The app features a cast of animated characters, a treasure map, and a new White Spot pirate ship, the W.S. Legendary, that encourages kids of all ages to go on their own unique adventure. It allows them to play games, make music, read stories, watch videos, and interact with the quirky characters. Games include: Doubloon Debacle, Bookadoodle Boom, Pirate Ship Battle, and Cannon Bowling.

The characters are composed of a team of birdy buccaneers with members like Captain Beak Rogers, the quick-witted Penny Poulet, and first mate Drumstick Nick.

Pirate Pak

Old Pirate Pak (top) vs. New Pirate Pak (bottom)

“Since 1928, we have been committed to providing a family-friendly dining experience that’s unmatched by any other restaurant,” said White Spot President Warren Erhart. “The Pirate Pak is a central part of that dining experience for kids, so we’re excited to sail our iconic ship into the digital age.”

The app can be enjoyed in White Spot restaurants, on the go, or even at home. It automatically updates with the latest pirate-themed adventures. Once the app is downloaded, the games can also be played without an Internet connection.

Pirate Paks have been an iconic part of White Spot’s history. In 1968, founder Nat Bailey wanted to create a unique dining experience for kids, and that’s how it all began. Over 25 million Pirate Paks have been sold since.

“Our guests have always had a special place in their hearts for Pirate Paks,” said Cathy Tostenson, White Spot’s Vice President of Marketing and Menu Development. “In creating this program, we wanted to stay true to our brand while providing kids with new entertainment that’s both fun and engaging for the whole family, just like our founder Nat Bailey would have wanted. The Cluckaneers represents the harmonization of food and technology, and showcases our ability to stay current.”

Headquartered in Vancouver, White Spot is in its 89th year and has earned itself the title of Canada’s longest-running restaurant chain.

The chain has also been recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for the last seven years.

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