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This Metro Vancouver Shop Is Serving Up White Rabbit Ice Cream

white rabbit

Photo: raincouvereatery/Instagram

The White Rabbit trend is slowly taking over Metro Vancouver. First, there was White Rabbit bubble tea and now there’s White Rabbit ice cream.

Head over to Richmond or Vancouver to indulge in this treat, that is inspired by the popular White Rabbit Creamy Candy that originated in Shanghai.

Vancouverites have been going crazy for White Rabbit creations, which are milky and sweet.

Ice Queen whips up the creation in a sub zero temperature pan that flattens the ice cream before they roll it up. It’s infused with the candies so it’ll taste just like it.

Ice Queen


When: Available now!

Where: Locations at 2355-4000 No. 3 Road in Richmond and 2967 West Broadway in Vancouver


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