Exploring These Secret Ice Caves in Whistler Will Leave You Breathless

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whistler ice caves

Embark on an exciting new adventure by exploring the incredible Whistler Ice Caves. Only accessible by helicopter, this spot will blow your mind.

Fly over Canada’s southernmost ice fields for a birds-eye view of the ever-changing landscape of pristine snow and ice.

You can tour this natural beauty for a five-hour trek of epic proportions.

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Yesterday we experienced one of the most astonishing gifts of nature. Our adventure began soaring by helicopter to a rare ice cap at the southernmost tip of Whistler to explore a vast landscape of ice and snow. Beneath the powder we entered a swirling and cavernous underground cathedral carved by glacial waters. A hidden wonderland that shifts and changes with every step refracting light through the chards of ice that stretched from floor to ceiling. Within the depths of the cave the most vibrant shades of blue were revealed on the faceted ceiling and walls that reminded me of a kaleidoscope. I have been visiting Whistler for 15 years and never have my eyes experienced anything like this — the beauty, the science, the nature, the wildlife, the thrill, and finally the day concluded with a gourmet lunch nestled in the snow on sheepskins atop the icecap — this is simply not to be missed! Thanks you @headlinemountainholidays and @gowhistler for this ice-age experience!!

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Whistler Ice Caves

Explore everything the glacier ice cave has to offer from natural ice sculptures to flowing slides that are frozen over. Wander down narrow passages to reach a series of chambers that are full of aqua blue wonder.

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