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Watch Nearly 3 Years Of Port Mann Bridge Deconstruction In 30 Seconds

Written by: Meagan Gill

The mission of dismantling the old Port Mann Bridge is finally complete, nearly three years after its start date.

The 41-year-old bridge was replaced with a new 10 lane bridge for safety reasons, and also to accommodate the heavy traffic of motorists who depend on the bridge daily.

In December of 2012, crews began dismantling the bridge piece-by-piece, in a reverse order in which it was originally assembled starting with the deck and ending with the concrete pilings.

“All that remains of the original bridge are two concrete pedestals, or footings. One remains on the western tip of Tree Island, and the other on the southern bank of the Fraser River. Both were left in place because they contribute to shoreline stability and provide habitat for fish and wildlife” reads the videos description on YouTube.

Watch nearly three years of dismantling the old Port Mann Bridge in 30 seconds below (toggle on 1080p HD for the best quality)

Image via YouTube

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