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Explore The World’s Largest Flip-flop Art Exhibit at Metropolis at Metrotown

Metropolis At Metrotown Waste To Wonder

Photo: Devon Nguyen

The best pieces of art use its own beauty to bring your attention to what it wants to say.

This is exactly what the Waste To Wonder exhibit is striving to do. Metropolis at Metrotown will be hosting the exhibit from August 8th to September 8th.

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The exhibit features life-size sculptures of five at-risk animals in Canada: the grizzly, caribou, bison, orca, and narwhal.

waste to wonder metropolis metrotown
Photo: Michelle Yin

Each sculpture is made entirely of rubber flip-flops, highlighting both the dangers these animals face, as well as our role in that danger.

This exhibit is the largest display of “flip-flop art” in the world.

Hundreds of thousands of flip-flops worldwide have been found in the ocean and along shorelines in recent years. And because almost all of these flip-flops are made of non-recyclable synthetic-plastic. As a result they can be very harmful to animals, plants, and humans.

Ocean Sole Africa

The Waste To Wonder exhibit is the work of Ocean Sole Africa, a Kenya-based organization whose mission is to “to up-cycle the Earth’s flip-flop pollution into inspiring art, to promote conservation & create employment.”

To “flip the flop”, as the organization calls it, they collect, clean, and compress the flip-flops. They then carve the flip-flops for use in their pieces.

Waste To Wonder is the organization’s largest exhibition to date. Exactly 6,579 flip-flops were used in the making-of these pieces, across 2,500 hours, and by more than 24 artists.

Metropolis At Metrotown Waste To Wonder
Photo: Devon Nguyen

Waste To Wonder

All of this is to say that the exhibit will be a special opportunity to see this unique kind of art. Whether you’re an environmentalist, an artist, or a supporter of both, the Waste To Wonder exhibition will be a sight to behold.

And don’t worry about falling in love with one of the animals. It’s possible to take them home with you! Each of the five sculptures will be subject to an online auction, with all proceeds going towards Variety — the Children’s Charity. Minimum bids are $4,500 for the Narwhal and vary from sculpture to sculpture.

Furthermore, selfie stations, artist demos, meet-and-greets, workshops, and more, can also be found during the exhibition. The Waste To Wonder exhibit will be at the Metropolis at Metrotown’s Grand Court.

Metropolis At Metrotown

For more event information, related contests, and mall hours, visit Metropolis at Metrotown’s website, here.

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