3 Popular Video Games Featuring Vancouver, British Columbia

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Let’s play in Vancouver…virtually.

If you are a video gamer, you may enjoy learning about some the most popular video games that feature Vancouver.

While you are playing these games, there are scenes that may bring you a sense of pride, or familiarity, or simply make you feel like you are out in your own hometown.

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Let’s take a look at 3 popular games where you will notice Vancouver in the background.

3 Video Games Featuring Vancouver

Tony Hawk’s Underground

The skater’s video game is actually fully based in Vancouver, Robson Square specifically. As Tony Hawk skates around this area, gamers can see the skating rink, the art gallery, Hotel Vancouver and even the law courts. The game accounts for a lot of detail, including every pole, ridge, and even the statues in the area.

Mario Kart Tour

This popular Mario Kart game adds some fun elements while on “tour.” You can notice part of the track going under the iconic Vancouver Olympic cauldron. The racers go under the cauldron in Jack Poole Plaza, providing Vancouverites a landmark that clearly symbolizes B.C.

Virtua Tennis

While the game is on the tennis court,you can see the awnings in the background showcasing Vancouver. In addition, the game board has the same Vancouver symbol. So Virtua Tennis players can imagine beating their opponent with fans from their hometown.


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