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Vessi Footwear Has Launched The World’s First Waterproof Knit Shoes


Photo: Vessi Footwear / Facebook

Vessi Footwear, a Vancouver based technology start-up has announced the world’s first fully waterproof knit shoe.

Vessi is a brand that is focused on developing lightweight, waterproof shoes.

Their patented Flash-Knit Technology is waterproof, breathable, moisture-wicking, stretchy
and is the new alternative to heavy and outdated waterproof footwear.

Its design is based on modern fashion and is a shoe that can keep up with busy lifestyles without compromising functionality or style.

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“We’ve spent the past 2 years perfecting this new waterproof knit material,” said Andy W., Founder of Vessi Footwear.

“With our proprietary knit blend and nano-filtering membrane, we’ve managed to create a material that keeps the water out yet provides breathability and flexibility like a regular shoe”.

Key Features

Their patented Flash-Knit technology is composed of:

  • The Shell layer (a form fitting elastic knit composed of a hybrid blend of polyester and nylon)
  • The Core layer (waterproof and moisture wicking membrane)
  • The Inner layer (comfort lining designed to mimic the feeling of wearing socks)

Vessi’s knit material also has an ultra lightweight Vzero midsole. Furthermore, the composition of the Vzero’s is designed to maximize energy return while providing dynamic flex and cushion for every step.

The innovative footwear will be sure to help you stay dry, comfortable and in style during Vancouver’s unpredictable winter weather.

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